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I, Matthew Lie - Paehlke, official but occasional editor of this illustrious website have created a new website featuring some of my own writing.

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And where on EARTH was MY invitiation?!?!


Super - hiatus

Many of you may be wondering; 'Where is Matteus Von Mustard?'

The truth is, I have no idea.

And my last paycheque bounced.

So, at least until the wondrous Colonel reemerges, this blog will be on hiatus. But if you'd like you can check out my personal project:

Barack Obama Will Fix Everything.


George Bush: Living up to his Caricatures

For a long time crazy leftists have said that George Bush was a terrorist and a villain and their exaggerations have done little to aid the cause of real progressives fighting Bush's policies, but lately, in the twilight of his presidency George Bush has really lost it. He has instructed his delegates at the International Agreement on Climate Change to oppose ALL binding targets. He has vetoed a bill to expand health insurance to poor children by taxing cigarettes. And most recently he has threatened to veto a bill which would make waterboarding illegal!

So, just to sum up, George Bush is opposed to nice weather and children, but in favour of torture. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating!!!


Advertisers have gone TOO FAR!!

Now I, as a wealthy industrialist and firm believer in Reason and the superiority of White-haired Academics, have long been a supporter of Immanuel Kant. But just look what I had to suffer through while I was watching Lou Dobbs last night:

This sort of sensationalist, unfounded propoganda has no place on our airwaves, and every time this add airs we are surely slipping another step closer to our DOOM!


Canada is the LEAST environmentally conscious country in the British Commonwealth!

Our Great Leader Stephen Harper has succeeded, against the wishes of 50 other countries in the British Commonwealth, in having the word 'binding' removed from a recent climate change agreement and replaced with the word 'aspirational.' What a wondrous steamroller of assholishness he is! Thank God for Neo-Con Aspirations.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that:
"Canada and Australia had been the lone holdouts against an earlier resolution that would have included such targets — and the Australian government has just been defeated in an election."

That's at least good news -- John Howard, Bush's last non-Sarkozian buddy-buddy, has been booted out in favour of a Liberal Prime Minister mainly on the strength of his promises about Climate Change. JOhn Howard not only lost control of the government, he lost HIS OWN SEAT! That's how mad Australians were about his bullshit.

So yes, in terms of Climate Change, Australia is also way ahead of us now. Leaving us on a shrinking coastline of Climate Change deniers with the US and China.


Tax Law, Loopholes and Greedy Lawyers!

The Toronto Star is reporting that: "the rich, with annual incomes of more than $265,000, saw their tax rate decline dramatically between 1990 and 2005 by nearly 4 percentage points to 30.5 per cent.

"In contrast, those in the bottom 10 per cent of income earners – with earnings of $13,500 or less – watched their rate rise by 5 percentage points to 30.7 per cent.

"The study, Eroding Tax Fairness: Tax Incidence in Canada 1990 to 2005, says that over the same period most Canadians saw their tax rate fall by about 2 percentage points.

"But middle-income families still pay about 6 percentage points more in total taxes than a family in the top 1 per cent."

Did you catch that? The middle class pay on average SIX percentage points more than the rich.

The idea of a flat tax is appealing in many ways. Of course in practice we should probably have a few conditions and exemptions in our tax structure, but what we have now is far too complex and the lawyers of the ultra-rich seem to understand it better than Revenue Canada and far better than the lawmakers who have created it. I think it would make a lot of sense to eliminate all the exemptions, and then reinstitute a few that are the most important

Luckily things aren't as bad in Canada as they are in the US. In America the beautifyl there are hunting tourism companies which run "museums" to which the people on there trips give the various heads and tusks and such that they come home with as donations in kind at wildly inflated values and then write off the cost of the trip as a charitable donation on their taxes! BLAUW! The US government is paying rich people to shoot at wild animals!