Cinematic Masterpiece

And lo, there has come upon us a film which is the apex of film achievement, a film which manages to capture in a mere hour and a half all the details and beauties and pains and vagueries of human life, a film with labyrinths built from time and labyrinths built from sand, a film with scientists and soldiers, homesteaders, airplanes, the ocean, oases, sand, homes swallowed by sand, great, endless shifting dunes, births, deaths, chopin, goats, donkeys, oxen and water-buffalo. The stars the sun, the moon, fish and salt and fruit, fine china, old photographs and tape recorders. Sneakers, bare feet, crashing waves, the beating, throbbing sun and the constant whistling of an infernal wind. A film which has somehow distilled, titrated and displayed upon the screen the very Essence of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Go and see this film, for we have nothing left to achieve. It is "The House of Sand" and when it is forgotten, so shall the world pass away into obscurity. Don't see the trailer, instead, enter into the dark womb of the theatre without preconceptions or expectations and allow yourself to be carried away by the play of coloured light upon the silver screen.

Or, watch this cartoon about a stick-figure running amok within a computer-animation program.


Blogger justin said...

ok. i'll see it. i seen the preview already, though. i think it played before "banlieu 13".... now there was a movie with everything: capoera, parkour, fighting, shooting things, a missile, some drug dudes, more jumping from tall things, fighting again...everything.

little miss sunshine was also good.

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