You know what they say about a man with a big footprint...

Lords a leaping! I have recently discovered that over-consumption is a much bigger threat then ever-I-imagined. I have come upon a website which allows you to calculate your ecological footprint. This is the amount of land required to support you and your consumer lifestyle.

Try it here!

Apparently!, I have an ecological footprint of 610 hectares and it would take 340 planets to support 7 billion other earthlings who lived like me. Goodness gracious, and to think of all the efforts I have made! All seventeen zepellins in my fleet run on biodiesel! That wasn't a cheap conversion. And when the temperature is over 30 degrees, I only air-condition the east wing of my home. Whenever I venture into the west-wing for snooker or to see a cock-fight, I must think back to my days in 'nam and remind myself of what truly sweltering heat is so that I don't faint away like a woman watching fisticuffs.

Anyhoo, my point is that I'm sure most people use more food and energy than I do (afterally I am a man of modest needs), so I'm not even sure how the planet is hanging together even now, let alone once the Chinese all get up to steam economically. But yes, so, my point is, turn down the air-conditioners, put a full bottle of water in your toilet tank, eat local produce; we're gonna all have to pitch in if we don't want to run out of hectares in a hurry.


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