The Monster Engine

The following is not so much a sign of the apocalypse as a visualization of the apocalypse. Everyone knows that young children are much more in touch with the nether realms that border our own -- witness their fear of monsters in closets and under the bed. During the Apocalypse the paper-thin boundaries between our own world and these terrifying planes will be shredded like wet paper towel and harrowing horrendous beings will tumble forth, piling up on our street corners like mounds of living, growling, clawing garbage.

Now a man named Dave Devry has put his considerable artistic skill to work helping us to understand what this will actually look like. He has taken the prophetic and scientifically accurate drawings of monsters of which all young children are capable and added to them the shading and texture which will become manifest when these bizarre and incorporeal being substantiate themselves within our world!

Proceed with caution, you are about to experience THE MONSTER ENGINE!

thanks to memepool and wartank!


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