Schiavo Update (Taking Action)

Senator Bill Frist, one in a long line of US politician's who has acheived the distinctive trifecta of being a Senator, a Medical Doctor and a Lunatic, has publicly questioned the diagnoses of the neurologists who have been treating Terri Schiavo for the past ten years based on his opinion as a cardiologist who has seen some video footage of her on the internet. Yes, he's that good!

What a Fantastic and Wonderful thing! A man who can make effective diagnoses of the most difficult medical conditions based on digital media, this will be very helpful in the US where medical treatment is so expensive. As a result, some right thinking individuals have begun a program to take advantage of his unparalleled and perhaps paranormal e-diagnostic abilities!

So, if you have a medical condition, a sprained toe, a headache, Seasonal Affective Disorder, take a photo and send it to Dr. Frist for a free and public diagnosis. The link is here.

I would do so, but my health has been remarkably good since I came to fully understand Neitzsche's writings.

Alternatively, those of you would like to make it publicly known that you would prefer to die if you are left in a persistent vegetative state, unless your condition can be exploited for political gain in fields that you believe in strongly, you can sign a living political such as the one here.

I would do the same, but I have already made arrangements to be preserved cryogenically should something unfortunate befall my vaunted personage.


Blogger me said...

I was struck by the news that Sciavo's vegetative state may have been a misdiagnosis. I was beginning to think that the feeding tube needed to be reinserted, but then I found out it was a VIDEO diagnosis. Are you kidding me?!!

I responded to your original Sciavo post too.

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