Remember the Federal Accountability Act? The Stephen Harper promise that pretty much got him elected? The promise to clean up Ottawa and cut down on corruption, that had voters chomping at the bit to boot out the supposedly incorrigibly corrupt Liberals. Well, according to the Globe and Mail, current and former ethics commisioners agree that it is in many ways less stringent than the previous code of conduct. For example instead of only being allowed to accept gifts from 'close personal friends,' MPs will be able to accept gifts from any and all 'friends.' Just imagine the immense girth that the term 'friend' will come to have in a court of law!

'Sure he's my friend. If he wasn't my friend why would he buy me a yacht? You don't buy yachts for your enemies. Unless they're exploding yachts, but that's neither here nor there.'

I'm still waiting for Stephen Harper to do something right. Although I guess he increased funding to Harbourfront, to be fair.

Read the article here.


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i'm sorry that this is off topic, but this is a disgusting example of american tv:

i dont know if this is apocalyptic, but it seemed like something you'd report on. maybe.

anyway, don't give me grief about posting a non-sequitur to your blog, or i will start up my own, competing blog. it will be called apocalypto watch and will feature scary music from the caribbean. it would obviously be a wild hit and the only reason i dont do it is out of respect for you.

you're welcome.

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