The New Iraq

Several years ago, George W. Bush told the American people that Iraq was a haven for terrorists and a great threat to American security. In fact, it was the tyrannical empire of a madman who hated Al-Qaeda. A country where no one could so much as sneeze without alerting the police and where anyone building bombs and plotting terrorists actions would probably be executed under suspicion that they were trying to assassinate Sadaam.

But the Bush administration's lies were repeated ad-nauseum by a fear-mongering, quasi-fascist media and the American people soon came to believe them. George started a war. So far it has cost the lives of two thousand five hundred American soldiers and between forty and forty five thousand Iraqi civilians. It has also cost American tax payers well over $300 000 000 000. Because W. was obsessed with Rummy's obsession with a 'streamlined' military, the borders were not properly sealed at the beginning of the American occupation. Foreign weapons and foreign terrorists crossed into Iraq with impunity. Because of the massive and utterly predictable looting that ensued the US lost the sympathy of the average Iraqi. Because there weren't enough troops to maintain security they couldn't get water and electricity and other necessities up and running for countless months. The average Iraqi became frustrated and angry. Without infrastructure the economy has failed to pick-up and millions of young males are out of work, idle and increasingly vulnerable to extremist views. Widespread raping and torturing of Iraqi civilians didn't help much either. Now, a civil war is brewing and it looks like it's only a matter of time before the US pulls out, having created in reality, the very terrorist haven that once existed only in the deceitful proganda of the Bush administration.

In light of this inexecusable debacle, George W.'s staffers are, honest to God, drawing up legislation to protect his various cronies from charges of War Crimes. Read the article here.

Worst. President. Ever.


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Let's hope they hire they same law firm that drafted the Roger's contract.

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