Can Bush possibly Gitmo hypocritical?

Last week the names of the detainees being held in guatanamo bay were finally released. Or at least some of them were. Who really knows, it's not as if the Bush administration has any problems lying to the world.

What I found particularly repulsive about this whole scenario was that the White House was fighting to keep the names secret using precedents from succesful privacy trials.

Let that sink into your head.

They were arguing that it was a violation of these prisoners privacy rights to publish their names.

They steal people from their homes with bags on their heads in the night, fly them in unmarked planes to a military base on the shores of a nation they despise, they torture these people and hold them for years without even charging them with crimes AND THEN they turn around and claim that they are worried about their "right to privacy" when probably the thing these people want most in the world is that their families know what happened to them.

This is the same government that tapped an untold number of its own citizens phones illegally. They even had the legal right to apply for a warrant up to two weeks after they started the wiretap so it's not as if they did it because they had to act quickly on new intelligence. They just didn't give a shit about US law.

This is no longer a question of a government that has different ethical priorities than my own. Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and all their little lapdogs have no moral compunctions whatsoever. They believe that international conventions are a joke. They believe that the Law is a game and they are willing to stand up in court and spout brazen lies at the drop of a hat. This is how totalitarianism begins.

And it gets better still, Canada is just about the only developed country that hasn't criticized the Bush administration about the unlawfulness and immorality of Gitmo. In fact, in Afghanistan OUR MILITARY regularily hands people over to the US so that they can bag and drag them out to be tortured in the Caribbean. Every Canadian voter has blood on their hands and Stephen Harper is only going to make things worse. We need to write to our MPs and our Prime Minister and demand a condemnation of Guantanamo bay. Read the article that I have linked above.

APPENDUM -- March 9th 2006
Dear Readers! There is partially good news! I have just received word from my man-in-the-field Rear Admiral Clarence Scorpus that, before handing the reigns to Mr. Harper, Mr. Martin quietly passed a law declaring that Canadian troops would hand over prisoners to the Afghan government and not to the U.S. Unfortunately however, some pessimists believe that in many cases the Afghanis will just hand these prisoners to the US (or execute the Christians and hand the rest over...). Still, it looks like one more decent thing that the Liberals have done for us.


Blogger Unknown said...

Right on brother, write on. I think most people are stupid, self serving and not all there, republicans, or Tories as we call them in the UK [blood on our hands too], are the woast.


10:31 a.m.  
Blogger Don Raja said...

Excellent post Matteus. Just plain excellent.

2:17 a.m.  

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