Plastic and Gold

I offer you a quote from nastradamus --

"And lo, in the days leading unto the end there shall come into our world such a toy as has never existed before. It shall be in the image of a killer, but it shall have also the face of an apparition, spirit or ghost. It shall have a flesh of plastic, but it shall also be bound with chains of forged gold. And this doll shall carry a chalice of pure gold and this chalice shall be embedded with Swarovski crystals. And lo, through some sort of pull-string sorcery this doll shall speak phrases such as 'Yo bitch, I fucked your friend, ya you stank ho.' And lo this doll of a killer with the face of a ghost shall cost nigh-unto 500 hundred American dollars. $500 dollars for a fucking doll!"

And now, once again, the words of the prophet have come true.
Ghostface Killa Doll
Also, I kind of want one.


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This was one of my favourite posts.

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