Harper's Cabinet Clamping Down on Free Speech

A Scientist working with Environment Canada has written a science-fiction novel about a near-future global warming disaster that leads to a war with the United States. He was scheduled to talk about the book recently, but apparently Rosa Ambrose (our new environment minister) would rather nobody talked about "global warming" (it's a myth anyway) and sent him a letter demanding that, as an employee of Environment Canada, he cancel the talks.

Ostensibly, it is because people could be confused that this message was endorsed by the government as he is an employee of Environment Canada. Nevermind that he wasn't on the clock and that it's a science fiction novel. Get ready for lots more of this type of thing as part of the amazing 'message control' regime of Stephen Harper. Apparently Harper's plan to stop global warming is to pretend it isn't happening. This is the same strategy that the UN is using to stop the genocide in Sudan.

Link to the CBC article.


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