Conservative Cabinet

Oh boy! The more I read, the more I realize just what a doozy this is.

First off is David Emerson, the liberal cabinet minister who switched sides to become minister of international trade. This is despite the fact that he barely eeked out a victory over the NDP candidate in his riding and the conservatives finished a distant third. He himself suggests that no point of principle influenced his decision. He is refusing to return the $96,000 that his Liberal riding association raised for his campaign.

If you're as offended as I am you can sign this online petition to have him recalled.

Jim Flaherty FINANCE MINISTER -- The number-one goon for Mike Harris. He proposed legislation to throw homeless people found outside of shelters in jail and even suggested the creation of special constables assigned to the homeless. That's right special police to defend us against the most dangerous villains of all -- THE POOR! He ran for the leadership of the Ontario PC's against Ernie Eves on a platform of FURTHER TAX CUTS. Yes, he wanted more TAX CUTS than Mike Harris. He had already sold the 407 to help hide the deficit that Harris was running.

Vic Toews -- MINISTER OF JUSTICE -- Staunchly opposed to gay marraige, Vic Toews plead guilty under the Manitoba Election Finances Act to charges of overspending in the 1999 provincial election. Excellent choice. In his defense, he apparently had difficulty coordinating the spending of two seperate units within his campaign. I'm not sure whether it makes it better or worse that the crime was a result of incompetence.

Gordon O'Connor -- DEFENCE MINISTER -- "Mr. O'Connor, who lobbied government on behalf of a number of companies between 1996 and February of 2004 — including Airbus, which wants the Defence Ministry to buy its A400M tactical airlift planes"(from the globe) is our new minister in charge of choosing what to buy. This is despite the fact that the Conservative Accountability Act criticizes the movement "back and forth" between lobbying positions and elected positions.

Micheal Fortier -- MINISTER OF PUBLIC WORKS -- Micheal Fortier wasn't even elected. In fact he has never been elected for anything. I'm serious! He was a back room boy for the Conservative Party in Montreal, who Harper appointed to the Senate - after all the broo-haha he has kicked up about Senators being elected. He will not be available for questions in the House of Commons. This one is really crazy, it's like Bush appointing Karl Rove for the Supreme Court or something. Micheal Fortier chaired Stephen Harper's leadership bid for the Conservative Party and Co-chaired this year's campaign -- as far as I can tell that is the extent of his political experience.

If this is a sign of how far the Conservatives intend to stray from their promises of being well, conservative, and moderate, well then we're luckily in for a very short-lived minority government.


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