Hell lo!

Many people don't believe the prophecies of Nostradamus. They claim they could mean anything because they are so metaphoric and vague. But listen to this and watch how I break it down!

There shall be discovered a new land like the human body and this land shall be replete with omens of our destruction. In each body part shall we see different omens. In the armpit of this new land we shall see the rise of the toothed lizard of Egypt in a new form. There shall be a school dedicated to the engorged lord of the floods. And from this school shall flow a libation of lizard's blood which will fuel the champions of the new land.

So far this is all pretty obvious. He's talking about florida, alligators, FSU and gatorade. Let's continue.

But into this swampy muck shall come an even greater demon -- Uroboros, known to the frozen barbarians as Nidhogg. And lo, the two scaled demons shall be locked in combat for many many years.

Now we might think that the scaled demons are Kirstie Ally and Anna Nicole Smith, but you would be wrong. Here old Nostra is simply referring to a clash between the suborder of Sauria and the suborder of Serpentes. Nidhogg is of course the serpent that chews on the roots of Yggdrasil and I know I need not explain Uroboros to my readers. Nosto goes on.

And then, lo, in the tenth year of their combat, lo, the slithering one and lo, the toothed one as well, shall lock, lo!, in a doubly mortal coil, and lo they shall both be felled low. Hell lo!

So, we can see that the snake and the gator shall do deadly combat and when they both perish, Hades shall become manifest upon the surface of this earth. Well dear reader's you shan't find more specific confirmation of a seven hundred year old prognostication than this:

Feast your eyes upon PROPHECY FULFILLED.


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