Sign of the Apocalypse Captured on Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is video worth a thousand words a frame? If so, this is one crazy, terrifying, endlessly self-violating, horror-show of a run-on sentence.

Go to the site linked above and view the video of the EZ Catch Harvester(tm) chicken catching machine.

thanks to www.boingboing.net
AMMENDUM as of 11:20pm Sunday March 13, 2005

It seems that the video has been removed from the site, presumably because of the myriad readers who were spurred onwards and outwards by my magnanimous verbiage! See how quickly the enemy erases the signs after I identify them?

You must believe me that the video was truly terrifying and disturbing. It showed a gaping machine-mouth, fed by hungry, spinning drums all aprickle with foam fingers, feeding itself more and more chickens, chickens which were whipped onto a blazingly hasteful conveyor built and fired out of a cannon at the back of the machine into cages, a flapping, squawking, living stream of feathers and chicken flesh.

AMMENDUM as of 11:20am Wednesday October 11, 2006

Youtube be praised! The video which the industrial food machine didn't want you to see is BACK!


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i felt fear.

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