Canada is the LEAST environmentally conscious country in the British Commonwealth!

Our Great Leader Stephen Harper has succeeded, against the wishes of 50 other countries in the British Commonwealth, in having the word 'binding' removed from a recent climate change agreement and replaced with the word 'aspirational.' What a wondrous steamroller of assholishness he is! Thank God for Neo-Con Aspirations.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that:
"Canada and Australia had been the lone holdouts against an earlier resolution that would have included such targets — and the Australian government has just been defeated in an election."

That's at least good news -- John Howard, Bush's last non-Sarkozian buddy-buddy, has been booted out in favour of a Liberal Prime Minister mainly on the strength of his promises about Climate Change. JOhn Howard not only lost control of the government, he lost HIS OWN SEAT! That's how mad Australians were about his bullshit.

So yes, in terms of Climate Change, Australia is also way ahead of us now. Leaving us on a shrinking coastline of Climate Change deniers with the US and China.


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