Police State

Here's a tale from a country not so far from here. The big wigs of this country were gathered for an important meeting, but many people were opposed. The people gathered together to protest, union members, students, members of political opposition parties. The police were lined up in rows. They wore gas masks and carried plastic shields, but the protest was peaceful. There was nothing worse than insults in the air until three men dressed in all black showed up. They wore bandanas and waved sticks. They rushed towards the cops and picked up cops. The protesters were appalled, one of the union leaders approached these men and demanded that they drop their arms. But the men persisted, they were mad. The union leader demanded that they remove their masks. The men said no, and strangely they began to sidle slowly towards the police lines. One of the men said something to one of the riot cops. Then, just as the union leader was about to pull off their bandanas, they walked straight into a police line, which mysteriously melted around them. As the men were being put in handcuffs, it was visible to all that their boots matched the boots of the riot police precisely.

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Later, the police wouldn't release the names of these three men, although they did publish the names of other protesters who were arrested.

Can you imagine which backward country this might have happened in?
Canada. Last Weekend.

Globe and Mail

Toronto Star



Quebec Police have admitted that these were in fact their officers, however they say that the men were not trying to incite violence. I'm a little skeptical considering they already said that these WEREN'T their officers.

read more at CBC.CA


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