Peace is the new Pentagram

Just the other day, many major news sites were reporting on the goings-on within a Colorado Subdivision, where a broohaha was brewing regarding a Christmas wreath in the shape of the 'peace sign.' The subdivision's homeowner's association received a number of complaints about the wreath, which some residents apparently felt was an overly aggressive political statement. The board threatened to impose fines if the wreath wasn't removed.

Many would say that the board has lost its mind, but I, apocalologist number one, humbly disagree. The residents have agreed not to display symbols or statements of
a controversial nature on the outside of their homes and the board is simply enforcing this agreement. What is completely bonkers is that someone could be so defensive, so jumpy, so deeply entrenched in a position of bad faith, as to be offended by a peace sign.

A peace sign. What's to be offended by? Perhaps one could argue that war is sometimes necessary and that certain situations require military intervention. But a peace sign is simply a wish for a less violent world, a world where such problems don't arise. Anyone who is offended by a peace sign has committed themselves to a position where they clearly believe in war-for-the-sake-of-war and/or in a war that has no justification beyond its own existence.

But now look all ye merry gentlemen, a peace symbol is at the center of a great conflict.

Surely we have reached the end of days, if signs are beginning to invert themselves and imply their own negation.

VIA: Huffington Post


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