Neo-Cons hate Democracy

Many neo-cons are true fascists -- they believe in taking power by any means necessary, even if the American people don't want them to have it.

For starters, the Republican National Committee spent the last week leading up to the election making illegal automated phone-calls, which on the outside appeared to come from Democratic candidates. If the victim hung-up, they were auto-dialled twenty additional times in an attempt to irritate them into voting Republican.

On Election Day, right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham encouraged her listeners to prank-call the Democratic Voter Protection hotline in an attempt to blot out real calls of distress from people having trouble voting.

In Virginia on the morning of the election many Democratic voters received friendly phone calls telling them where there polling station was. Unfortunately they were mainly told streets that did not exist. Luckily, Jimm Webb still managed to win a seat in the Senate, although it was only by a few hundred votes. If Republican supporters had been slightly smarter and given real addresses which did not contain polling stations, it might have been different.

In Florida, the cheating was more audacious and more effective is well. Congressman Vern Buchanan, who has already announced his victory was elected by some sort of electronic cheating. The New York Times is reporting "that more than 18,000 voters in Sarasota County, or 13 percent of those who went to the polls Tuesday, did not seem to vote in the Congressional race when they cast ballots, a discrepancy that Kathy Dent, the county elections supervisor, said she could not explain.

In comparison, only 2 percent of voters in one neighboring county within the same House district and 5 percent in another skipped the Congressional race, according to The Herald-Tribune of Sarasota. And many of those who did not seem to cast a vote in the House race did vote in more obscure races, like for the hospital board."

Furthermore, many Democratic voters who were succesful had difficulty in getting their vote to register and had to return to the beginning of the electronic ballot an vote a second time in order to make the computer register their vote.

The New York Times is also reporting that "a preliminary review by The Herald-Tribune found that if Ms. Jennings had won the same percentage of the 18,000 missing votes as she did among counted votes in Sarasota County, she would have won the race by about 600 votes instead of losing by 373."

The problem had been observed in early voting and Ms. Jennings campaign wrote to the
the county elections supervisor requesting an independent test of the machines, but they were ignored. Currently, the county elections supervisor is refusing to answer questions from the media.

But it gets better. Guess who gets to decide if their should be a recount? A committee consisting of Jeb Bush and two other Republican officials. What could be more insane than a country which doesn't have any sort of non-partisan election oversight whatsoever? Who in the entire world wouldn't think it was a good idea to have some sort of indepent agency to monitor and regulate elections? Cheaters, that's who. The US election system is broken and it needs to be fixed.


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