"Who are these children Congressman? Who are these children?"

Presumably you have heard that Republican Congressman Mark Foley has resigned after it came to light that he sent very inappropriate text messages to several teenage pages. It's a sad story, Congressman Foley was abused as a child himself.

What is not sad or tragic, but purely despicable is Tom Reynolds, Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. Tom knew about the messages months ago and he did basically nothing, or rather he told some other Republicans including Dennis Hastert (the Speaker of the House) and they collectively decided to do nothing. In particular, they decided not to mention it to the Pages Committee, which is bipartisan and thus includes a Democrat, who might, perhaps, have blown the whistle and prevented further abuses.

So, a few days ago, when the scandal broke in the media, Mr. Reynolds realizes that he's going to have to have a press conference to discuss the matter, but he doesn't want it to get to heated. He certainly wouldn't want anyone in the press to actually read out the graphic text messages that he knew about and covered up, so he, and i'm not making this up, brings a whole lot of children up on stage with him.

In the video a reporter asks if he could ask the children to leave so that they could actually discuss the topic at hand. Reynolds says he's happy to take any questions, but he won't ask any of his "supporters," who are mainly six and seven years old, to leave. This is fucked up beyond words. Just watch.

"Who are these children Congressman? Who are these children?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy freaking hell.

matt, thanks very much for all this stuff. a whole lot of it i wouldn't find out about if it wasn't for apocalypsewatch.

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