Harpers Remedial Media Relations

So there was a brew-ha-ha in Ottawa last weekend, wherein Harper requested the names of all the reporters who wanted to ask questions so he could approve or deny them like a little proto-fascist Bush-style 'town hall.' Apparently Canadians don't care. Current polling suggests he would acheive a majority if an election were called today. And what's more, look at this:

From a totally non-scientific globe and mail internet poll:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has accused the national media of being biased against him, do you agree?

Yes (54%) 21422 votes
No (46%) 18566 votes

Are You KIDDING ME? (As the Swirsk would say) The press pool suggested that they could organize themselves and offer a list of which reporters would ask questions in what order, rather than the usual scrum, but this wasn't enough for Harper. he wanted to have the final say on who could and could not ask him questions. To treat the media with such contempt is the most dishonest of neo-con tactics.

My question is, do you think the people answering this poll didn't know what happened? Do they think it is appropriate the Prime Minister have the power to pick and choose what questions he answers from the Media? Honestly can anyone give me a sense of what these people are thinking?

I'm totally RAGE-IFIED!

I was slightly off-base on this one, it's not as bad as I thought at first. Edits are in italics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear Colonel,

I suggest to you that the poll question bears little relevance to Harper's attempt to control media questions and the subsequent walkout. Hopefully if this specific issue were queried, the vast majority of Canadians would disapprove of Harper's actions. I.e. one can believe the national media shows a little or more bias against Harper while simultaneously disliking Harper's media control attempts.

Also, while the Star put together a solid piece on the issue, i am disappointed that their reporter did not join in the boycott.

Lastly, it's most unfortunate the boycott has taken center stage over the actual announcement. I have yet to see the piece that says: $40M for Darfur?!? That's it?!?


4:20 p.m.  

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