A Side-Project

There shall be no new post tonight. Instead I would like to invite to explore a journalistic venture of mine wherein I report upon recent events in the life of Allen Iverson. Being the occultist and visionary that I am I know things about Allen Iverson which you would hardly believe. I am certain my readers will find this new website to be exciting, entertaining and enlightening, if only for the glimpse it provides into the fantastic world in which I live.

This spin-off project will perhaps be short-lived in that I only intend to document the 76ers performance in this year's NBA playoffs and Allen Iverson's off-court reactions.

I implore to click the link below and then scroll to the bottom so that you will be able to read the post in reverse chronological order, thus preserving the narrative progression of the tale.

The Truth about The Answer

I will not at this time reveal whether or not the events detailed on this other site will eventually constitute a sign of the apocalypse.

It suddenly seems as though this blog, this most vital and topical of blogs has become the side-project in a sense. My Allen Iverson blog received about a thousand hits in one day. To give you some idea of perspective this site receives about 500 hits per month. So while the world is uninterested in knowing and averting the apocalypse, everyone needs to know about whatever ludicrous rumours I am able to concoct about SportsStars (by concoct, I obviously mean document factually). Very little hope remains within me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was surprised when Matteus asked me to type these up, I never realized he had any interest in basketball.

I must say they're pretty intriguing, he certainly knows some weird secrets that I never would have guessed at. The way he wrote them it reads a bit like a short story too.

Sorry that I'm a bit behind typing them up. I hope I can catch up before the sixers get eliminated.

5:32 p.m.  

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